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It is always Autumn here, dear fear darlings.

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Feature Creature Band

Electric Frankenstein

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Halloween Haunts & Terror Tales Albums

The town of Sundown Is slowly revealed throughout the HHTT halloween albums, and these albums are the heart of all things scary aT sundown.

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96.6 WOLF Radio Program Schedule



96.6 WOLF Radio Programs

Artist Spotlight

This scary spotlight reel showcases some of the scariest and newest halloween-genre musicians that are sure to provide you the creepiest of soundtracks to your daily Halloween lifestyle. 

4 PM Every Afternoon

Behind The Fiends

Join the Sinister Duo of John Evans and Luke Martin as they discuss the latest Halloween and Horror topics in this wacky world, as well as interview those who make your senses jump with joltin' joy! 10 PM Every Night

Chillin' With Cult.Class

Brought to you by the artist behind @cult.class is this weekly, spooky show by two best friends, Caitlyn Grabenstein and Marie Dempsey, who May have never met in-person, but Still read and discuss bone-chilling, paranormal stories.   9 PM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Nights

Chronicles of Chronos

The Mysterious Chronos guides his listeners through the most disturbing of old time radio tales, providing the deepest of insights and wisdom to those who dare to listen...if you can find him that is.

Creepy Commercials

The One and only Big Bad Daddy Wolf presents the creepiest of radio and tv commercials from the vaults of past years, as well as some fear film trailers that are sure to creep you out!


Dead Muse Morgue

Lord Dire Midnight returns with readings of classic ghost writings By your favorite authors and spooky Verse by new Halloween poets.  5:00 PM Every Monday and Wednesday

Dr. F's Violent Vespers

Welcome to the Mountain Top Laboratory of Dr. Frankintrance, Where he hides electronic secrets within his turntables and plays All Originals that are the "Scariest Songs You will ever hear".

Dr. ghoul Radio Show

The infamous Dr. Ghoul is back and scarier than ever!  Join him for Mischievous music, ghost stories, And his fascinating bat facts, along with special guest visits from his cemetery squad of friends.  NOON Every Day

Halloween Haunts

the Original Concept of Sundown, these collections of Halloween Stories, Songs, and Sound Effects introduce listeners to all of the citizens and places in sundown. influenced heavily by Halloween cassettes from the 1970's and 1980's, this is a fresh take on your nasty nostalgia.   PM Every Night

Hush of Darkness

Coming October 1st - The Old Man of Midnight is Here for Sundown's Great Reset every Evening, but beware...this show is not for the squeamish.  You will hear real events, interviews, horrific Phone calls, Radio interference, Dark music, and Whispers in your Headphones, as the Radio Veil becomes the thinnest and the Worst comes to the audio surface.  Can You Make it Through This Entire Show?

Midnight Every Evening


Brand New! - Lyle Blackburn brings his expertise to Sundown with this monthly show featuring real-life cases of cryptids, paranormal horrors, and other monstrous mysteries, All presented in a truly Terrifying style! 

8 PM Saturday and Sunday Nights

Neal Parks Truly Terrifying Tales

paranormal expert Neal Parks presents his truly terrifying tales of ghost investigations, encounters, and fictional excerpts, with soundscaping by JC Greening.  1 PM Every Saturday

Nightmare City Halloween

The Halloween Grandmaster "Stevo in Yr Stereo's" epic Annual Radio Show that has been providing the best in Halloween Music in All Genres for over 40 years! Don't miss this...or you will be sorry.  

1 PM Every Sunday

Remnant Stew

Brand New! Leah Lamp and Steve Meeker scour the ends of the earth to bring you stories of the strange and bizarre. There's a brand-spanking new episode every other Friday, so tune in to satisfy your appetite for all things curious and intriguing.    5PM Every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday


Lord Dire Midnight returns with His Scary Specials, which feature interviews with the freshest faces and voices in Horror, Science Fiction, and Halloween!  1PM Every Friday

Stevo in Yr Stereo Show

Stevo in Yr Stereo has been producing the best halloween radio shows in the world since 1979, and this is his greatest horror hits version.  10 AM Saturday and Sunday, Scary Ambience 4am Every Day

Suspense! on Sundown

Considered one of the best old time radio horror shows to ever exist, Sundown is proud to feature Suspense!.  Presented by the Host with the Most, Dr. Ghoul, you will hear the best shows, as well as rare and never-before-aired episodes.    12:30 PM Every Day

Twisted Tales

Sir Roderick Wettstone welcomes you to his Southern Mansion.  Make yourself comfortable around the fire, as Sir Wettstone tells all original tales of monsters, Mysteries, and mayhem.  7 AM Every Day

Stay Tuned.
There is always more coming to haunt
you with!