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Lord W. Stendahl - Mayor

This is Lord W. Stendahl, and HE haS had the deepest privilege of being Mayor of Sundown for 355 years now.

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DJ for 96.6 Radio

Calling Detroit, Michigan his home den, Big Bad Daddy Wolf grew up with the best tunes playing on the radio 24/7.  From Doo-Wop to Jack White, Daddy Wolf fell in love with all things rock.  Combine this with an inherent love for Horror Film, and Big Bad Daddy Wolf grew into what he is now: a conglomerate of Rock, Scare, and Hair!  Careful listeners will find out all of those nasty details about BBDW, so stay tuned-in HERE!

And Stay Alivin’ and Jivin’!

Dr. Ghoul -
Horror Host


Greetings and Hallucinations, Ghoulish Souls! sometimes the best Doctors are the vones who profess that constant laughter in our lives is the best medicine they can prescribe! This Doctor is no exception to that rule. Laughter has alvays been a Ghoulish part of my demeanor. So adding horror and humor together seemed the best Ghoulish Cookie vone could ever bake.


From childhood I vas enthralled by Bella Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr., And later Christopher Lee and then Jack Nicholson. the chilling OLD RADIO Ghost Stories vere my passion to listen to, Until Abbott & Costello. though really no vone mixed horror and humor and put the combination to good use! So here ve are, entertaining your Ghoulish Pallets vith horror and humor mixed.


So please enjoy our Shows and participation vith BIG BAD DADDY VOLF and Sundown Hallowveen! As alvays Ghouls! “May all your Dreams be Nightmares”

Listen to Dr. Ghoul here, and Watch him here!

Dr. G Found at: Patreon.com/drghoul &



Sir Roderick Wettstone -
TWisted Tales

London-born writer Sir Roderick Wettstone has spent much of his adult life in Mississippi, where he teaches American and English literature.


Sir Roderick lives in a refurbished southern mansion, surrounded by old growth forest.  His companions are his cat, Mephistopheles, and his dog, Baskerville.  Grizelda and Philip are his personal attendants and housekeepers.  Sir Roderick is a widower.  He enjoys traveling to England to see family and friends and to spend time on his family’s estate.  He was named for Sir Roderick Pebblebrook, a 17th century ancestor in Cambridge.

Listen to Sir Roderick Wettstone here!

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Dr. FrankinTrance -
DJ & Musician

Created in a nuclear experiment gone wrong,

Dr. FrankinTrance now eternally searches the earth for the best in dark electronica and experimental electric sounds.  Never able to escape his mysterious past, expect music from all genres mixed, poured, and electrocuted into life in the dark confines of his laboratory found in a yet unnamed hallow, where it is always night, and shadows wake and dance with Dr. FrankinTrance’s macabre madness.

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Lil Miss Peachy Keen -

Ms. Peachy Keen proudly hails from Apalachicola, Florida. Some of her fancies include: key lime pie, 1960 corvettes, black cats, mermaids, cowboys, and desert sunsets. Ms. Peachy Keen flips for Classic Rock- the Doors, the Eagles, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are some of the usual suspects on deck. She admittedly has a thing for teenage shenanigans and slasher films-  Sleepaway Camp, Carrie, and My Bloody Valentine to name a few. And as for Ms. Peachy Keen’s all-time favorite fright film, it’s John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween,’ which she fondly refers to as the holy grail of horror.

Listen to Lil Miss Peachy Keen here!

Chad O. Mann -
Owner of Detached Cobblers


Please meet Chad O. Mann (or "Shadow Man" as he's known to most of the as equally creepy Townsfolk of 'Sundown'). CHad is Italian/American and the Town's Hiking Boot Maker At his little "Detached Cobblers", conveniently located on Main Street. Chad's wife loved Hiking, until one day she never returned. Chad was a Suspect when Betty's dismembered body was found one morning deep in the Woods on the outskirts of Town, but many Witnesses swore to the State Police that Chad's shadow in front of the dim upstairs light could be seen pacing up and down for many hours on the night of the Murder, as though he was anxious as to the whereabouts of Betty. A very quiet man, even when making a Sale in his Shop. yet the Shop holds its own charisma and attraction. But still every night, Chad's shadow can be seen pacing up and down above the Store every evening waiting for his 'Love' to return...

Read more about Chad O. Mann here!


Rev. Hagen -
Radio Host & Story Teller

Rev. Hagen is an ordained Minister and Priest of Wicca. He’s been investigating the Paranormal for over 30 years. He’s also an artist and carver, as well as an Aikido instructor, and brings his unique insight to bare on cases throughout history. Rev. Hagen is An Official Elder of Sundown.

Listen to Rev. Hagen here!

Ghoul Sonic Labs -
Musicians & Film Makers


Ghoul Sonic Labs is ran by the mad science of J.H. rood and Alex Lopez.  You can find them concocting new music and film productions on a nightly basis in Sundown, which might explain why all of the stray rats and Cats have disappeared from our alleyways.

Listen to Ghoul Sonic Labs here!

OR Watch Ghoul Sonic Labs Here!

Chronos -
The Chronicles of Chronos

Chronos 01_edited.jpg

Travel down the darkest corridors of the University Library, walk among the stacks of long forgotten parchments towering over you, delve deep into tomes of long forgotten lore.  Hidden in the shadows so dark they consume any light that dares to cross their borderS, university students have time and time again stumbled over ancient myths that speak of a power that exists outside of time.  An ancient traveler who spins tales with smoke and flame.  Many seek out Chronos for his power, few find him, no one walks away unchanged by his tales.  Chronos’ fire will bring you stories from the past, the present and the future.  Seek him out in the desert, the forest, the beach, the mountains, or the jungle.  Wherever you find him, his fire will always blaze with tales to grip your heart.   

Listen to Chronos here!


Johnny Brocker -
Renowned Killer

Stuck in BlackGate Asylum for killing his parents, there are some very special attributes about Johnny Brocker that will be revealed in Halloween Haunts & Terror Tales Volume III, so stay tuned, dear fright fiends...

Hear more about Johnny soon on our radio station here!

Chillin' With Cult.Class -
Radio Show


Brought to you by Caitlyn Grabenstein (the artist behind @cult.class) is THis weekly, spooky podcast by two best friends, Caitlyn Grabenstein and Marie Dempsey, who have never met in-person. They read and discuss bone-chilling, paranormal stories.


You can find Out more about Chillin' with Cult.Class, as well as send your own paranormal stories to be featured on the show, here:


Hear Chillin' With cult.class here!

Dr. Snik -
Musician & Voice ACtor

Dr Snik 1200_edited.jpg

Snik/verb: to cut, snip or nick.

Dr. Snik: The Sonic Surgeon, is ancient. He’s 666 years old and seething with Evil to spread around the world!

Deep down in Dr. Snik’s lab, he grows, dissects, rearranges and skillfully stiches together audial and visual monstrosities that will get under your skin, send a shiver up your spine and leave you with a full on frontal sonic lobotomy!


Dr. Snik’s lab is based in Toronto, Canada

Book an appointment, I have many repeat patients...

Find Dr. Snik at These Locations as well:

Links and music





Social media




Hear Dr. Snik on our radio station here!

Pupaum -


Pupaum reflects experience via electronic music and multi-media performance. Armed with a concept and an innate sense of direction, Pupaum rarely works from a concise plan, preferring to create spontaneous pieces which evoke various interpretations.


Pupaum began recording and performing his unique blend of music/audio art in 1980, and has been broadcast throughout the US and abroad.


Pupaum retired from live performing in 1997 and released his last album in 2001.


Pupaum can be found on Bandcamp: https://pupaum.bandcamp.com

Hear Pupaum here!



John S. Evans is a American Podcaster/Producer from Honolulu, HI. He was born in Beaufort, NC. and grew up a avid classic comedy/horror fan. To many of his friends, John is a walking encyclopedia of all things b-movie and horror.


John is the co-host of the podcast "Behind The Fiends" along with his best friend Luke Martin. The podcast focuses mainly on horror movies, comics, paranormal, and comedy. He is also an Associate Producer on the upcoming horror film "The Sawyer Massacre" (2022), “Z Dead End (2022), and is Executive Producer on “Halloween: Evil Lives” (2022)


John is also a retired member of the US. Army. He served two tours in Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division (Ft. Stewart, GA.)

Find jOHN at These Locations as well:

Links and rADIO sHOW




our radio station here!

Sam Haynes -


Sam Haynes is a DJ and music producer from Essex, UK. Sam produced the hugely popular Monster Mashup CD series from 2006 - 2012 before creating his own retro horror influenced original soundtrack music for Halloween. Sam is a Rondo awards nominee, has scored several short horror movies to date, has been featured on BBC radio, and his music has been used in theme parks worldwide. Additionally, Sam's music has been selected as the official theme for Scare Kingdom's 2021 season.


Sam Haynes can be found on Bandcamp: https://samhaynes1.bandcamp.com/

Hear Sam Haynes here!

The Movie Nut -
Horror HOst

The Movie Nut 3_edited.jpg

The Movie Nut is a friend of Dr. Ghoul and the co-host of Dr. Ghoul’s Movie Night. He participates remotely via a TV screen in Dr. Ghoul’s home theater because he is confined to a mental ward run by The Institute as part of a legal settlement with a former employer.


No one knows The Movie Nut’s true name other than the Nut himself and the people who care for him at The Institute. He’s a victim of misguided Super Science, abducted from the workplace and subjected to unauthorized surgery: The Cranial Implant. This was primarily used as a torture/control device, subjecting him to audio/visual torment by his captors. The torment grew and grew until the Nut cracked. He refers to it as “The Incident” and avoids details regarding it. He has been recorded talking about it in his sleep, using phrases like “this is all very distasteful”, “I told you I’d do it - why didn’t you believe me!”, and “mmmm finger food”. Rumors circulate about it at the Institute and the consensus is that there was an attack, grave bodily harm and the consumption of human flesh.


The implant is now happily under the Nut’s control, and it connects his brain directly to networked devices. It allows him to scan the entire internet, searching for the best trivia, movie connections and ghoulish facts. It also hurts when he uses it. The pain ranges from a little pinch to the full body equivalent of being kicked in the junk and there seems to be no correlation between what’s being scanned and the amount of discomfort. The randomness of the pain level does not deter the Nut from using the implant daily.


The Nut talks in movie quotes and references and his tv and movie knowledge is both deep and wide. His greatest joy is sleuthing out a super rare fact or movie connection.

Watch the Movie Nut here!

Stevo in Yr Stereo -
Radio DJ & Host of Nightmare City Halloween


Stevo In Yr Stereo's radio career began at KGOU, 106.3 FM, in Norman, Oklahoma in 1979 where he began playing free-form rock. Almost immediately he was creating special programming and one month after premiering on KGOU, Nightmare City Halloween was born.


Nightmare City Halloween is the ultimate Fright Fest featuring nearly every genre of music from the 1900's to present, offering monsterishly ghoulish tunes played against a dense soundscape of 'Eerie Ambience' sound effects.


Stevo In Yr Stereo creates artful sets of music and currently produces Mind-Altering Music & Nightmare City Halloween on SIYS Radio.

Stevo In Yr Stereo can be found Here:


SIYS Radio

Mind-Altering Music

Nightmare City Halloween


Hear STevo In Yr Stereo here!


Lyle Blackburn -
Host of Monstro Bizarro

Lyle Blackburn is a native Texan known for his work in writing, music, and film. He is the author of several acclaimed books, including The Beast of Boggy Creek and Sinister Swamps, whose subject matter reflects his life-long fascination with legendary creatures and strange phenomenon. Lyle is also the founder of the rock band, Ghoultown, and narrator/producer of documentary films such as The Mothman of Point Pleasant and Boggy Creek Monster.

Find out more about Mr. Blackburn here!

Radio Show


Remnant Stew is a fortnightly podcast featuring weird, bizarre and intriguing true stories. Leah and Steve track down and bring to you some of the wackiest stories and unbelievable trivia. Like the shrimp that spits out a glowing loogie (All Aglow), or the riot in South Carolina calling for the release of a captive mermaid (Behold the Mermaid), or the time five teenage boys wanted to meet the Beatles so badly that they impersonated the opening act and got away with it! (Imposters)


So if you need a break from the news and want something to satisfy a curious mind, then tune in to Remnant Stew. It’s available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcast and here on 96.6 WOLF!

We hope you’ll tune in and join the adventure. And in the meantime, as always, please remember to be kind, and ALWAYS STAY CURIOUS!


Hear Remnant Stew here!


The Old Man of Midnight -
Radio Host

Initially discussed by Lord Dire Midnight in Halloween Haunts Volume I, The Old Man of Midnight appears at 12 O'Clock every night to guide the Great Reset, which is when Sundown begins again in perpetual autumn due to the witch's curse.  The Old man calls this time the Hush of Darkness, and you can listen in every night from 12am to 3am.  But beware, he cannot be trusted, and his show can truly bring darkness into your home and heart.

Listen to the Hush of Darkness here!

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