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Mayor's Sunday Séance for August 2022 - Black & Orange Cassettes

Updated: Oct 4

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Mayor's Sunday Séance for August 2022 - Black & Orange Cassettes

Greetings and Condolences, Dearest Motown Monsters of Sundown,

Music has always been key to my life, from playing it to dancing to it, from creating it to passing away many hours listening to it.

So, it is no surprise that music has also brought me here to Sundown and made me have a deep love for Halloween.

As a child I would decorate my parents' porch with Halloween decorations, then blare a black and orange cassette tape out of my boombox to frighten the entire Detroit neighborhood. That tape has stayed with me for centuries, even though all the other decorations have long since been replaced. And it was this tape that I used as my campaign music so long ago as I strived to be your mayor, Sundown, and you so grave-isciously elected me.

Now this year, in a passing conversation with Big Bad Daddy Wolf at our local diner, that cassette has become the first episode of "Eerie Atmospheres" on our local radio station, 96.6 WOLF. Upon its release, now for a few weeks, I have heard from many of you, fellow creepy citizens, that you also remember growing up with that same cemetery music playing in the background as you trick 'r treated. Even without saying a word to one another, my Sundowners, we have once again shared a sinister smile with one another because no matter where we grew up in these wicked worlds, and no matter what kind of monster we are - we have a shared experience in that Halloween cassette.

Even if it isn't the same scary album that made us fall in love with Halloween, we all have that one song - that one cassette (or vinyl, or CD, or MP3) which transformed our lives and would forever etch the soundtrack of Halloween on our cold hearts.

As many of you may recall, it was an album much like this titled "Halloween Haunts & Terror Tales: Trick 'R Treating for Children" that we used to introduce our little town of Sundown to the world. Now, five years later, we have grown so very much, and have so many more awesomely scary citizens amount our streets, parks, and cemeteries. We thank you for joining us in our daily Halloween adventures, and here's to a bright future, where just maybe the soundtrack beating in your stone heart is one that we here at Sundown created!

Happy Halloween for every day and every holiday to come!

Goodnight to all of you, no matter where you are!

Signed Sincerely,

Lord W. Stendahl

Mayor of Sundown

Be safe. Be aware. And Beware!!!

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