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Mayor's Sunday Séance for 2/1/2022 - Halloween

Mayor Stendahl reflects on his memories of Halloween as a child.

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Mayor's Sunday Séance for 2/1/2022 - Halloween

Greetings Sundown residents and good evening.

Halloween was always the most important night of the year, the day among all days, the holiday that spoke for three months and echoed for the other nine. Though the toys were nice on Christmas and Easter always brought the distant family together, it was Halloween that seemed to fit just right, no matter my age. As adolescence hit me early in late elementary school, and the deepest feelings of hate, murder, lust, and rage bubbled to the surface, Halloween whispered in my ear, “I will take care of you.” And it did, and still does. The movies that I watched; the artistic paper I filled with crayon etchings; the words that poured from the back of my throat onto lined, wide-ruled Mead paper; and the adventures I would take with my two neighbors were all guided by, influenced by, and resonated from the vibrations of that one night every year – Halloween.

Some people, after hearing these tales of Sundown, will say it is all made up – but I assure it is not. Some will say that it was violent films that caused my inept actions – they did not, but those beautiful R-rated flicks did give me lots of ideas and the illusion of easy montages. Some will say that killing animals at such a young age was an indication of what I would become – I did kill animals, even tried my own version of taxidermy with rodents and birds, but I also loved my Collie, Dobermans, ducks (Daisy and Donald), and horses more than life itself. So, killing animals with my BB gun, fists, and fingers did not cause me to become what I am. No, what caused me to be what I am right now was what was there all along, from my earliest memory, knocking on the doors of my conscience and brilliant genius, rapping on my doors, oh so gently, ever so gently. This creature came a rapping on my door at 3 years old, and now still sits ever so crudely and rudely on the ruby chaise lounge in my heart. It is the maker of murder, the smile of sin, the brand of bad, graciously making my mind and his time the home of Halloween forever. Oh Halloween. Beautiful, mysterious vixen, Halloween. “I will take care of you,” Halloween whispers in my ear.

Goodnight to all of you, no matter where you are!

Signed Sincerely,

W. Stendahl

Mayor of Sundown

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