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Mayor's Sunday Séance for June 2022 - The Night of Halloween

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Mayor's Sunday Séance for June 2022 - The Night of Halloween

Greetings and Condolences, Dearest Creeps of Sundown,

Despite every 1970s and 1980s PSA (like the ones we just started airing on 96.6 WOLF and on our town’s Bandcamp page run by Big Bad Daddy Wolf) trying to convince us children that trick r’ treating should be endeavored prior to sunset, it never worked for me.

Even the infamous film “Halloween” shows children begging for the sweet stuff in the late afternoon, while a brooding teen named Jamie Lee Curtis gazes at the children and reminisces. But, that still didn’t work for me.

See, there is something very special about Halloween at night, and children need to be part of it. To experience it. To feel it.

Familiar noises and songs suddenly disappear behind every dark, silhouetted tree and sneak up behind you upon each breath of All Hallows’ Eve breeze.

Orange rippled pumpkins bought in the safety of guardians’ oversight and wallets, now gather together in the blackest of lawns, devilishly grinning at you, while huddled to protect their masters with flickers of gated and superstitious security. I mean, anything smiling in the face of danger must also be dangerous itself, right?

Homes seen thousands of times from the green vinyl seats of daily school bus routes suddenly become old, raggedy mansions of yesteryears, whistling terror tunes on the wind, and snapping their crooked shutters as though they were winking at you, as you now creep passed the unrecognizable moats of porch, the fearsome forests of freshly cut lawn, and the mounds of formidable dead leaves piled strategically amidst your gaze.

Friends and neighbors melt into gooey figures of goblin gangs and dancing skeleton lines, who flicker flashes of bone marrow and white stars against an all-black stage curtain of night.

This is the night of Halloween.

It transforms all known into the macabre.

The mysterious.

The murderous.

Pure Midnight.

And as you look to the piercing moon - which provides the guiding light for this night, connecting you to the next pumpkin candle glow, the next purple porchlight, the next amusement strobe – you begin to feel a transformation in yourself as well.

The night may shroud in its shadows.

But it also reveals and revels in that which sleeps during the day for fear of the light.

This is the night you beg…and your inner self answers your bell and call.

Welcome to the night, my dearest souls.

And as witches cut across blackened clouds and werewolf howls pierce, bouncing off the crisp layers of hush, you know you have found a special home; and your true self.

Welcome to the Night of Halloween.

Goodnight to all of you, no matter where you are!

Signed Sincerely,

Lord W. Stendahl

Mayor of Sundown

Side Note: Sundown always encourages trick r’ treating to last well into the evening of Halloween, which is why our trick r’ treating hours are always from 6pm to 11pm, and are always on the very day of October 31st, no matter what day of the week it may fall upon. And remember kids, pranks are for Devil’s Night (October 30th) and candy is reserved for All Hallows’ Eve.

Be safe. Be aware. And Beware!!!

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