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Mayor's Sunday Séance for October 2022 - The Specialness of Halloween

Mayor's Sunday Séance for October 2022 - The Specialness of Halloween

Happy Halloween, Dearest Ghouls and Ghosts of Sundown,

I always find it interesting as I grow older how I am becoming less a fan of “Horror” in general and more of a “Halloween-specific” lover.

I remember Stevo Wolfson of “Nightmare City Halloween” told me this a few years ago in one of our conversations, and I have to say that I am agreeing with him more and more. Scary is definitely a requirement for Halloween, but there also has to be a sense of “childness” to it. The art can’t be too scary or too real – you know what I mean?

This is why we here at Sundown have created “The Spirit Season” magazine, to bring that pure Halloween experience from our childhoods or as a fresh experience to children everywhere, no matter where they live. The premiere issue will be released the first week of November, as traditionally the Spirit Season only starts on Halloween night, and lasts to the first week of January. That is why you read ghost stories at Christmas time!

Our local radio station, 96.6 WOLF, also embraces this "fun" aspect to scares, and will be playing classic Halloween Sound Effects cassettes tonight for Trick R' Treating, starting at 4pm.

There is also a Halloween Dance Party tonight at 9pm for adults that will be smothered in "fun scares", and you can catch the music from this dance party live on 96.6 WOLF tonight as well!

In contrast, there is also a new program on 96.6 WOLF called “The Hush of Darkness”, which is a three-hour program every night from midnight to 3am that captures the audio residue when Sundown goes through its “Great Reset” each day to return to our perpetual Halloween "curse", if you really want to call it that:)

For me, this radio program pushes the boundaries of audio "Horror" instead of "Halloween". Yes, what Sundown goes through every night is not fun by any means, and there is real, witch darkness out there. There are some legitimately frightening items captured on this program, centered in our Sundown reality, and that makes it the only program on our town's radio station I would not suggest for children. I mean many adult creepy citizens of Sundown who have listened to our "Great Reset" leave our town, changed and frightened to their core. To me, that is “Horror” – a darkness you know exists in reality but you spend every day trying to ignore it. And when everything scary comes together, it should create this horror-world.

But Halloween is something different, something lighter and more fun. That is what we spend most of our days immersed in, here at Sundown, and it brings great ghostly joys to our residents and small scary town.

May our curse also bring you Halloween scares and fun thrills, wherever you may live in these dark worlds of life!

Goodnight to all of you, no matter where you are! Truly Happy Halloween!

Signed Sincerely,

Lord W. Stendahl

Mayor of Sundown

Be safe. Be aware. And Beware!!!

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