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Mayor's Sunday Séance for September 2022 - The Circus Is In Town

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Mayor's Sunday Séance for September 2022 - The Circus Is In Town

Greetings and Condolences, Dearest Clowns and Gowns of Sundown,

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting our town Fall Festival to kick off the autumn season, as it seems we do almost every day here in Sundown. But as a special treat, which only happens once in a full, blood moon, we had a paranormal circus join the festivities this year!

Though the acrobatics were out of this world, with a spinning ghost hung by her hair and zombies that are not so brain-dead, there was something deeper and more awe-inspiring going on beneath the chainsaws and screams.

Here is a group of monsters that travel constantly, visiting small towns like ours every day of the year, to bring us ghastly joy and fearful smiles - to show us what is truly capable if we put our brains and human forms to good use. I can't imagine how exhausting their dedication must be. I mean I saw a performer finish his very physical stage act, then immediately after I observed the same performer serving snacks and drinks at the concession stand, only to see him once again 15 minutes later run off to setup the stage for the next performer. And he does this every night!

All of this is of course on top of tearing down and setting up the entire tent every three days, and then traveling off to the next town to do it all over again - non-stop! And somewhere in there finding time to practice and enhance his own stage show and physique.

Now this is true dedication to the scary and paranormal art and lifestyle!

These facts served as a reminder to me that though you might find yourself stuck in a routine, if you simply step back and see how that routine fulfills a much greater purpose, you actually may find joy in such a routine.

I know many Halloween-lovers always comment about how great it must be to be the mayor of a town always celebrating the wonderful holiday. And it is truly a wickedly wonderful pleasure...I mean whom I kidding:) But even for me in this scary town, I must at times step back from the usual busy-ness, take a deep inhale, feel the pulse of our kingdom, smile at the turning leaves, and laugh with the cemetery breezes...for it is a truly good, dark life, even if always caught in a routine. And this town brings Halloween joy to children of all ages, keeping alive the true meaning of Halloween: giving!

Be sure to catch a paranormal circus in your town soon, and I hope you breathe in the fall love today...

while you can! Muahahahahaha!

Goodnight to all of you, no matter where you are!

Signed Sincerely,

Lord W. Stendahl

Mayor of Sundown

Be safe. Be aware. And Beware!!!

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